Ubiquitous Networking and Intelligent Computing System (UNICS) Lab focuses on the design and development of new network algorithms, protocols, and systems for next-generation wireless communication networks and edge computing systems that support a variety of applications such as mobile mixed reality, ubiquitous machine vision, smart grid, wave energy, airborne computing, and autonomous vehicles. The UNICS lab emphasizes both theoretical analysis that provides rigorous performance evaluation and practical system implementation that validates the viability of new networking solutions. UNICS is equipped with state-of-the-art wireless networking devices and embedded computing boards such as USRP B210, and N310, NVIDIA Jetson Xavier, and TX2, Microsoft HoloLens and Azure Kinect DK, Unmanned Aerial Systems, OpenWRT Wireless Routers, Openflow Switches, Arduinos, and Raspberry Pis.

Current Projects: